I was born and raised in Penfield NY. My Brother and I have deep seeded roots in the town and community. My older Brother is the President of the Penfield Fire Dept. just kitty corner to ther shop. We have been life long coin collectors, often still reminiscing about the days our Father would bring home bags of Wheaties (wheat pennies) and we would search for that elusive 1909 SVDB or the 1955 Double die or the copper 1943 penny. We talk about that time we went through our dad's old war era letters and felt a little lump in an envelope made out the gas and electric company. We opened it and it was a hand written letter from the company to my Father returning small gold loops to him stating they will not accept Gold as a form of payment (haha). So yes... We really do love the stuff. We appreciate it and we have fun talking about it. When we buy something unique or unusual, it rarely will leave our collection. We started out in this business (out of the womb hahaha) as teenagers setting up and selling at the Avon Flea market. We opened a comic book store in 1990. We went from there to opening a video rental store, collectibles shop a second comic book store in Webster. When the internet re-shaped the face of retail in this business, it was hard to cope with the rapid changes and we found that the way to stay most profitable was to convert our business to strictly online sales purchasing our inventory through estates and house calls. We did that up until November of 2013 when we bought out the Gold Depot. Here we are today, approx. 1 year later and more excited than ever in our fantastic new location in the heart of the village of the very town we grew up in! We will always keep our motto: never pressure anyone into selling anything. (often times, we talk them back into KEEPING their Family Heirloom.) We truly do pay the highest prices around and in the event that someone surprises us with a higher offer from a different shop, we will always beat it! Come in and have a cup of Coffee and chit chat for a while. Hope to see you soon!